Professors O.Sabden and A.Ashirov have as part of their ‘Concept of Humanity’s Survival Strategy in the Third Millennium’ developed a concept for building a new integral innovative society with a spiritual and technological component. In order to implement the proposed theory, a new paradigm of managing the social system based on the “five spirals” is recommended, through collaboration of: the state, science, business, needs of society and information support for the economies of countries. In this article they examine one aspect of human survival – food production.

The International Food and Agriculture Organization FAO (UN) records the annual “disappearance” of 7 million hectares of arable land. A significant reduction in sown areas will certainly exacerbate the shortage of food products. According to the UN, in order to meet the population’s growing needs in agricultural products, it is necessary to additionally involve from 100 to 200 million hectares of arable land around the world in circulation. At the same time, as statistics show, there is a continuous process of reducing the volume of agricultural production in the available areas.

In order to save millions of people from hunger, new scientific approaches and solutions are fundamentally needed, taking into account the latest achievements of fundamental science and the emergence of new energy and environmental problems. In search of truth, and whilst taking the unity, integrity and interconnection of all objects of the Universe into account, we have established a new pattern of enhancing the bio-resonant activity of agricultural crops. The novelty of this pattern is confirmed by the patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s “Method of processing seed and planting material” (No. 34958, dated March 19th, 2021), and the diploma of scientific discovery, “Regularity of Bio-resonant Activation of Seeds of Agricultural Crops” (No. 272/14.12.2004/, Ashirov A.M. and others) issued by the International Association of Authors of Scientific Discoveries and Inventions (Moscow).
The essence of the pattern is as follows: A previously unknown pattern of enhancing the bioresonance activation of seeds of agricultural crops was experimentally established, which consists in the fact that during electromagnetic treatment of seeds conducted with a frequency that is a multiple of their biorhythms, during periods of minimum values of gravitational forces and maximum intensity of cosmic radiation, the degree of bio-resonance activation of plant seeds increases, leading to the increased speed of germination, productivity, improved quality and other productivity indicators.

Testing the results of these scientific studies in the agricultural fields of Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Canada, with different climatic conditions and in risky farming areas, showed that the growth of quality indicators, for example, for wheat (gluten 2-8 units, vitreousness 10- 20 units, Nature 50-80 units on average); obtaining high yields from 20 to 50%, compared with the control ones, without significant material and energy costs. The technology is highly industrialised – large batches of seeds are processed in the shortest possible time, designed for huge sown areas around the world.

In terms of the significance of these scientific results, our technology has a huge economic effect, for example, only in the Akmola region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on 40 thousand hectares of wheat, the economic effect (increase) amounted to 1.2 million US dollars. A typical method for determining the seasonal-temporal schedules of pre-sowing seed treatment are methods of field experience and phenological observations, etc.

For the first time in the world, a revolutionary scientific discovery has been made to increase the yield of any crop by 25-50% without the use of chemicals. The environmentally friendly technology called “Bio-resonance activation of seed and planting material of various agricultural crops” has the status of a world scientific discovery. For the first time in the world, the technology of geophysical space parameters was used in agriculture. The novelty of the technology is the synchronisation of geomagnetic field oscillations at a specific point on the earth, at a specific local time, with radiation brought in from near and far space.

Over the 30-year history of the introduction of this technology in 10 countries of the world (5 CIS countries, as well as Turkey, Germany, Canada, Poland and Lithuania), the authors have confirmed the high accuracy on 17 crops, the adaptability, uniqueness and versatility of the technology in more than a hundred farms and scientific institutions in many countries. As an example, we give the development of corn biomass, the development of root hairs (Fig. 1), the final product (cobs) (Fig. 2) in the control and experimental plots.

In the case of large-scale application of technology, it is able to solve the world problem of food security.

A monograph with the participation of one of the authors, O. Sabden, was presented in 2016, in London, at the University of Cambridge and was approved. According to Forbes magazine (February 2017), A. Ashirov’s project was included in the category of a “fantastic dozen” of innovative projects. Also, the project was included in the UN Roadmap (2022-2030) in order to ensure global food security of the world. The scientific developments of the authors contained in these books are a contribution to the development of a new era of civilization and food supply for millions of people in the world.

Brief information about the authors:

Orazaly Sabden was born on May 20th, 1947, in Kazakhstan. He is a Doctor of Economic Sciences, a Professor, an Academician of the NIA RK, MIA, RANS, MAGI, and the Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science and technology. He is a four time Member of the Parliament of the country, the President of the Union of Scientists of Kazakhstan, the Chief Researcher of the Institute of Economics of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For Orazaly Sabden’s principled democratic positions, various mechanisms were systematically used by the power structure to infringe on his rights and freedom of speech.

He is the author of more than 800 scientific publications, including 97 monographs and textbooks. He is a Champion of Kazakhstan in freestyle wrestling and the master of sports of the USSR.

Abdumalik Ashirov was born on March 1st, 1944, in Tashkent. He is a Doctor of Technical Sciences, a Professor, the Head of the Research Laboratory of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute. The author of the scientific discovery number 272, dated December 24th, 2004, and more than 50 patents and copyright certificates for inventions, as well as more than 260 scientific articles, 15 monographs and textbooks.

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