You may not have heard of it, but the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University has made significant advances for the years of educational activity. This national University of Kazakhstan puts its success down to fundamentally classical principles together with innovative footsteps.

The reason for establishing this national university in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, was borne from the idea of Eurasian Union, and was first raised by President Nursultan Nazarbayev by a decree issued on 23 May 1996. The ENU leapfrogged into the modern era of sovereign Kazakhstan where “the Eurasian heartland became Astana”. And a phase of maturity started with the first step of the university.
At present, more than 20000 students (among them people of more than 35 states) are studying Architecture and Construction, Transport and Energy, Mechanics and Mathematics, Physics and Technical Sciences, Economics, Philology, Law, History, IT, International Relations and Political Science.

There are 1600 teachers, among them and scientists from 72 countries lead the three-cycle system of Bachelor, Master and Doctorate with English as the language of instruction. International cooperation has been implemented with 280 of the world’s higher education institutions. Scientific and technical cooperation regularly occurs with more than 47 countries, including France, USA, Poland, Finland, Russian Federation, Belarus, Turkey, Great Britain, Italy, Korea, China, Japan and Germany.

The ENU is not only the national leader, it is also has international recognition. The ENU is the one Kazakh university among the international ranking QS Top 50 Under 50, including in QS World University Ranking; QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia.
A number of students and teachers share their thoughts on the ENU’s success along its journey here…
Maelys Van DER CLISSEN, the student of the Faculty of International Relations (France)

Before I came to Kazakhstan, there was a lot about this country I did not know. It seemed so far away. However, I wanted to learn foreign languages and to see a new culture in the first instance.
When I was choosing universities, I found that the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University was the best for my needs. Because it is located in the heart of Eurasia it is one of the best universities of the country. I study Russian and international trade in English. The schedule of courses are flexible and there is plenty of help available for foreign students. Many people gave me their phone numbers, and it was so helpful to know that if I had any problems or questions I could call up and they would help me. The university offered me a place in a hostel, but I preferred to live with a very accommodating family because I had the opportunity to learn about the culture of the Kazakh people. Furthermore, they taught me how to speak in Kazakh.

Punit GAUR, PhD (India), invited scholar, ENU.

It is well understood, for any university the science, innovation and research are three main values that must be developed. In this context, the Eurasian National University has provided professional research establishments to all its students and departments. The University supports researchers leading improved research strategies with the emphasis squarely on multidisciplinary approach. With regard to innovation and teaching at the ENU, these processes have integrated instead of assimilated teachers and students. That is what I see as a major reason why the Eurasian National University progresses in the world ratings each year.
I should note that ENU plays a role in the international statehood to a very high level. Kazakhstan was the first among the CIS countries, which accepted EXPO-2017. And the largest number of volunteers, from the ENU, where action is. Kazakhstan has reached 36th place among 190 countries in the world business-index. These facts reflect the efficiency of execution of scheduled plans.
Dana MUKHIYAT (China), the student of the Faculty of International Relations.

I am the first-year student specializing in International Relations at the Eurasian National University. In the future, I dream to become a diplomat who could help states resolve the conflict situations and help them to communicate.
The ENU interested me given the knowledge from strong specialists from different countries. They have a lot of experiences and wide knowledge.
“International Relations” today is a universal modern specialty. I am sure that after completing my education it will open me up to new opportunities. That is why I think that I made the right decision by choosing the ENU.

Shahabuddin SAFARI (Afghanistan), the student of Faculty of the Architecture and Construction.

On admission to the university it was a chance to go to one of the Asian countries: Pakistan, India, Malaysia and Kazakhstan. I chose Kazakhstan – we have the same culture. In fact I wanted to study an engineering construction specialty at the ENU. Besides students from the whole Kazakhstan, we live in one hostel with the children of other countries and became friends. Here I studied Russian and Kazakh languages. Now I have my own vision on various questions existing in the world. I am sure of the future of friendly Kazakhstan.

Andrey SHENIN, associate professor (Russian Federation), invited scholar ENU.

The university exists for students. It always will be. As the world changes, students change, and they do request to be more involved in the educational process these days. Lectures where the information flow is one way is no longer satisfactory. They want more details and more interactivity. In my opinion, the most interesting lectures or seminars are those with the aid of modern technologies and which demonstrate the practical skills of research work.
We need a dialogue. Students must to feel the interest in them and that the teacher is on the same page with them. Then the process will evolve, and education continue to improve.
The Eurasian National University in this regard affords opportunities for students if they are to develop their full potential: there are audiences, qualified teachers, high technology and progress. Mainly there is atmosphere of knowledge.

Talal AWWAD, director of the Centre for Entrepreneurshipand Innovation Development of L.N. Gumilyov, PhD, professor, professor of the Department of Geotechnical Engineering of the Faculty of Civil Engineering,
University of Damascus (Syria)

For almost two years now the Eurasian National University, and the kindly and friendly multinational country Kazakhstan, have become a kind house for my family and me. Tremendous progress has been demonstrated in the development of Kazakhstan and its people.
It has become policy to transition from standardized to customer and practice-based units, developing entrepreneurship education and business itself as a whole. Every day, the business initiatives of teaching staff are supported, interests are at the boundary between science and production with the commercialization of scientific research results.
It is a great honour for me to work in the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University. International recognition of the Eurasian National University is confirmed by participation in international programs of academic exchange. The University is a pioneer in its country in its PhD program development with support from international consultants.
The ENU was awarded the prestigious international medal “United Europe”, the International Socrates award and the golden star for “CIS Best Company”.
The successful development of the ENU is related to the transformation of the university to an independent educational organisation where knowledge is acquired and imparted, but also new ideas are generated based on the achievements of modern science.