Gulsifat Shakhidi

“As Columbus once discovered America, today America opens the modern literature of Central Asia” In November 2017, at the 6th OEBF Festival in Stockholm, Tajik writer Gulsifat Shahidi received an honorary award. “For her personal contribution to the unification of the peoples of Eurasia through literature.” The attention of the guests of the festival was […]

To become a good friend – visit my home and try some of my bread!

Many people all over the world, including Turkmens, consider bread an essential and irreplaceable part of the diet. Bread contains numerous nutrients and useful bioactive substances, and many will regard a meal, whether ordinary, everyday fare or a festive dinner with sophisticated dishes and delicacies, as incomplete without bread. No wonder the proverbs state “no […]

Tajikistan and the United States of America: Gardening a Tree of Friendship

A message from H.E. Mr. Farhod SALIM, Ambassador of Tajikistan to the United States of America The Republic of Tajikistan and the United States of America celebrated the 25th anniversary of their bilateral relationship in 2016. The United States was among the first countries to recognize the independence of Tajikistan in 1991. Since the establishment […]

I see a light for my native cinema at the end of this dark period

INTERVIEW WITH Bolot Shamshiev Few will know much about the cinema in Kyrgyzstan. What currently hampers its development is never aired and never makes the top priority list of state and international organizations. But there is a cinema to note and so Open Central Asia decided to meet one of its prominent players, the People’s […]

KAZAKHSTAN: The quest for international recognition drives many emerging markets

WWW.OCAMAGAZINE.COM OCA#28 SPRING 2018 Text by Nick Kochan The quest for international recognition drives many emerging markets. Kazakhstan has undoubtedly been better at it than many. The country has spent great effort and money building up an image as a modern state whose leaders can sit at the top table with world leaders. This effort […]

The American View: EXPO-2017 People are the source of future energy

WWW.OCAMAGAZINE.COM OCA#28 SPRING 2018 USA EDITION Text by Maria Indina In the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, the international specialized exhibition “Expo-2017” has finished its work. It has continued for 3 months from June 10 to September 10. There were 115 countries and 22 international organizations who participated in the EXPO. The exhibition has been visited […]

ECG Goes Stateside

Recently, the vice-chairman of the Eurasian Creative Guild, Marat Akhmedjanov, returned from a tour of North America. He visited nine cities and held more than 60 meetings, thanks to which many new members joined the ECG; but, that is just the start, as many new opportunities and ideas have followed. OCA finds out more about […]

Animal Movies and Action Men

Interview with Hollywood Celebrity Monty Cox   Cox is a veteran in the entertainment industry. He is an internationally recognized, award-winning, Exotic Animal Trainer, 2nd Unit Director, Stunt Co-ordinator, Actor and Stuntman. Monty is first ECG member in Hollywod. He grew up in a trailer court in Oakland, California and his father was a merchant […]