Fashion Project: ON THE GREAT SILK ROAD…

Motto: World without national or government borders! We are one! We are a single field!”

The Photo project, “On the Great Silk Road”, is a showcase of diverse eastern women living in Kazakhstan. This manifold is shown as a gallery of feminine types through images in eastern outfits. These are stylized eastern images of modern women, who, as the result of the project, came out with inner style of each one of them.

How did it begin? We started a regular photo-shoot of eastern clothing collection to promote outfit rental service. But in the process of creating images an interesting observation took place. Materials and clothes revealed various genetic trait of every model. After understanding which texture corresponds to what style, we understood that each woman has different bloodline – khan, tsar, Chinese, Iranian, Uzbek, Turkmen, Tajik, Kazakh, Mongol, Russian etc. We didn’t just put on a costume, we made decisions corresponding to Inner structure of structures of every Style. We also understood the character of every type of woman: delicate, vulnerable, strong, bright, powerful, creative, etc.

What is Inner Style? When we created an image, we tried to base it on different face features, energy, eye and skin color, even voice and movement calisthenics. We tried to create costumes as fitting as possible, of each and every color, and not only costumes, but accessories, too. This work was created according to L. M. Popova’s technique of “Visual perception. Inner art style structure”, which she developed after studying in “Philosophy of Mirskaya’s Style” studio (Moscow). But even after following trails of these masters’ experience, our experience and methods are unique and were born as a result of this work, because it includes even broader understanding of perception and touches upon ancestral energies.

Creativity Space. The project has one more unique feature. You can never know whether a certain costume will suit a certain woman. Everything happens in the action. It comes from the visual perception of each person in our “hot chair”.

Photography. An ordinary photo session turns into a kind of ritual of rebirth. We can see a person change immerses himself in his image in a less of an hour of shooting. The main task of the photographer is to catch the very amazing moment when a person forgot that he was being photographed and he actually exists in a new image for himself.

The reason. Surprisingly for us, the project seems to be “alive” now. It grows, becomes stronger, attracts great prospects, and even has a Mission – to unite peoples, to open eyes to the fact that there are no national or state restrictions.

Team: Costume Designer – Asel Shalabaeva; Photographer – Jane Berman; The make-up artist – Botagoz Abdibaeva.

Our next projects:

  • The photo project “When Kazakhstan was Europe“. It is a surrealistic picture, as if the European Renaissance fashion was in Kazakhstan. For example, lines and forms of clothing of the Renaissance would be from oriental fabrics. (During the development stage).
  • Photo projects “Ego and Alterego“, “Me and My Shadow” – psychological photo sessions, designed to host internal sub personalities of Client
WWW.OCAMAGAZINE.COM #26 SUMMER 2017  text by Asel Shalabaeva and Jane Berman