Marat Akhmedjanov, the Vice Chairman of the ECG, and Elena Bezrukova, Founder and Director of the Elena Bezrukova Centre, a professional business-trainer, coach and practicing physiologist, along with other ECG members took part in a workshop entitled ‘Intellectual Product Commercialisation and Promotion.’ The participants of the workshop – the authors of many innovative projects, finalists and winners of the Belarusian Republican Competition for Innovative Projects and representatives of scientific institutions – got the opportunity to learn about new ways of promoting their scientific and creative activity through ECG membership and pathways proposed by the ECG. The event was organised with the support of the Belarusian Innovative Foundation as part of a platform of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship.
Presentation of the latest project of the publishing house, Cambridge International Press, the ECG Book Academic Series, held in the Republican Institute of High Schools.

Marat Akhmedjanov presented details regarding the project and outlined opportunities available for authors in publishing their works through the academic book series. Authors from Tajikistan, Great Britain and Kazakhstan – all ECG members – presented their books published as part of the project:

Gulsifat Shakhidi, a novelist, journalist and expert in literary criticism presented her latest book, I am Looking Towards the East.

Stephen M. Bland, award-winning author and journalist shared the story behind the creation of his book, Does it Yurt? Travels in Central Asia or How I Came to Love the Stans.

Elena Bezrukova, professional business-trainer, coach and practicing physiologist presented her unique book, Projective graphics, a collection about a new movement in art.

Nurym Taibek, an expert in philosophy and religious studies, spoke about his new book, Love for All, Hatred for None – Ahmadi Muslims’ Raison d’Etre.

The audience at the institute were highly receptive and all of the authors were happy to answer questions from guests and to share plans about their future works.

The IVth meeting of the Eurasian Creative Guild in Minsk took place in the Loft Café. The creative atmosphere brought together more than 40 participants. Guests had the opportunity to get acquainted with the ECG, it’s members, and BelBrand Association projects, as well as to hear from creative works by writers from Great Britain, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and their homeland. The winners of the BelBrand Literary Award from 2016 and 2017 also delighted those attending with snippets from their work. An open microphone section, allowing new talents to express their creativity, closed the event.

ECG and the BelBrand Association express their sincere gratitude to all the speakers and guests for creating such a wonderful atmosphere for this highly creative evening.

A summation of the results of the ECG members visit to Belarus were presented on April 19th at the BelBrand Association offices. Many perspectives, routes towards cooperation, new projects and initiatives were discussed. ECG members were awarded diplomas by the BelBrand Association for their active participation in events dedicated to the formation and promotion of Belarusian creative projects.

The Eurasian Creative Guild expresses its gratitude to the BelBrand Association for organising personal meetings on the development of cooperation with Belarusian organisations and institutions for Gulsifat Shahidi, Stephen M. Bland, Nurym Taibek and Elena Bezrukova. The ECG would also like to thank the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship, the Belarusian Innovative Foundation, the Republican Institute of High Schools and the Loft Café for providing platforms for the events and their assistance in promoting them.

All the events were organised by the BelBrand
Association for Intellectual Property – a corporate ECG member