A project organised by the international team of the ‘ArtMedia’ online magazine, and the ‘Moskovskiy Komsomolets’ newspaper, held an event to promote Crimea abroad. The media project took place in Crimea on October 16th-19th. As part of the project, there was a mini media tour, a musical performance, and a vernissage. Writers of the ‘ArtMedia’ online magazine invited the characters of their articles – famous artists, actors and musicians from all over the world – to introduce them to the peninsula. 

A walking tour of the Genoese Fortress in Sudak and Small Jerusalem in Yevpatoria was a highlight  of the media project. Guests met with staff of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, who told them about the most distinguished plants, imported from different parts of the world, and about those named after famous people and historical figures from different countries.

The vernissage presented  the product of an international collaboration (England – Crimea, Dresden – Crimea, Paris – Crimea, Ischia – Crimea, Apeldoorn – Crimea), at the Palmira Palace hotel. Local writers, as well as writers from other countries, presented subject of topics which have united them. 

A concert was held were guests were entertained with songs in Russian, Dutch and French. Sölvi Fannar Viðarsson, who is an actor, writer, poet, multi-sport athlete, and photographer participated in the ArtMedia tour. Alona Svintsova, a Dutch actress from Russia, journalist, and social activist based in Apeldoorn also joined the tour. She is a member of UNICEF Nederland, director of teh charity “Happy World” and teaches unique classes for children based on Russian stories and tales.  Katja Westerhoff, an artist from Apeldoorn visited the peninsula for the first time. She fell in love with Russia, and decided to be baptised and take a Russian name, Ekaterina. Katja was excited therefore to see Crimea and capture its beauty.  

Alexei Altynbayev, the author of “Parisian Etudes”, a press officer of the well-known public figure – the former mayor of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, Georges Mesmin, introduced his, and the former mayor’s art works as well. Georges Mesmin was not be able to come to Crimea due to his age – he is turning 90 in November – although he visited Crimea in the past.

Oksana Zhukova, the executive editor of “ArtMedia” said, “The international team consisting of journalists from Crimea, London, Paris, Athens, Apledoorn, Dresden, Bristol, St. Petersburg and Tumen have worked tremendously hard  with ArtMedia online magazine. We are  trying to have more collaborative projects together. Quite often Crimea becomes the main location of the events we organise in collaboration with our foreign team. We are always searching for the topics which unite us: nature, beauty, art, history. The sanctions cannot pull us apart.”