Laurent has been working in the banking industry. He worked in the accountancy of a private aviation company and I have worked for the TPG Transport Publics Genevois, a State Company for public transport in Geneva twenty years as Manager of the Trolleybus Operations. He has been passionate about Central Asia since 2007, with many trips and many friends in this region. This place has become a very important part of his life. Central Asia makes his heart beat faster and which gives sunshine to his life.

OCA: Tell us about yourself and your activity/work?
LM: I am a Swiss citizen and I’m in love with aviation, travel and people. After a short banking career, I joined the world of transport, first in aviation and for several years in the world of public transport. I am currently the head of the trolleybus department in Geneva. I build projects related to vehicle renewals and the creation of new lines. I am committed to modernizing this environmentally friendly mode of transportation. I like my activity that has a social role in society.
OCA: What is Eurasianism for you?
LM: It is the fact of creating a common dynamic inside this region of the world that is distinguished by a strong creativity, a high quality of work, and a history of legend. This can be applied in all areas of activities.

OCA: Who are your favourite artists?
LM: I’m a great fan of Uzbek pop music and clips, it is an original mix of modern music that refers to everyday Central Asia life, a unique style, like Lola Yuldasheva, Ziyoda or others nice voices.

OCA: Have you taken part in the events or the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) ?
LM: I participated in all meetings in Geneva with a lot of pleasure, I was able to exchange with other members on various topics, and we kept in touch.

OCA: What does the Eurasian Creative Guild mean to you, and how did it affect your creativity / activity?
LM: It is a pleasure to share my passion for this region with others and see that we all share the same goal, to enhance this beautiful region.

OCA: Do you have any personal projects that you would like to talk about?
LM: My dreams are to participate as a volunteer in a public transport development project in this region, improving performance by maintaining the human quality and tradition of hospitality. To share all my experience of my country with these regions, it’s a project full of colours and happiness. I’m open for an interesting company.

OCA: What projects have you participated in and in which do you plan to participate?
LM: I’m already full of emotion to have been able to participate in the launch of the book “Shahidka/Munabiya” written by Kazat Akmatov and wrote a little preface with my heart. I’m always ready to commit to anything that could enhance this region.

OCA: What would you wish to the members of the Guild, just starting?
LM: I hope to feel the same happiness of being together and sharing to share all the love we have for these regions.

OCA: How the passion for this region arrived?
LM: The chance of life and my passion for travel led me to discover Tashkent 15 years ago. I immediately felt energy and a sense of immediate well-being; I felt I had found my place. Then I travelled to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, where I met some great Peoples, who all became more than friends, they are all my second family.