Marina Podlesnaya was born in Moldova. She’s a poet, writer, museographer of the House-Museum of A.S. Pushkin in Chisinau, member of the Administrative Council of the Writers’ Union of Moldova A. S. Pushkin; board member and member of the ballroom committee of the Center for Russian Culture of the Republic of Moldova; organizer and presenter of the Pushkin lecture hall in the municipal library named after MV Lomonosov, as well as others, including children’s and youth events.

OCA: Tell us about yourself and your creative activity/work?
MP: I’m the museographer of the A.S. Pushkin House-Museum in Chisinau, a member of the Union of Writers of Moldova named after A. S. Pushkin; member of the Eurasian Creative Guild ECG (London), member of the Association of Guides and Translators of the Republic of Moldova and WFTGA, member of the Club of History Lovers of Chisinau. I’m also the member of the ball committee of the Center for Russian Culture in the Republic of Moldova; I’m a laureate of the Yesenin Prize in 2019, representative of the international competition of Russian culture “Sources” in Moldova.

OCA: What is “Eurasianism” for you?
MP: Recently, thanks to Marat Akhmedhanov , I discovered new friends – these are like-minded people who live in different parts of the Earth. In order to communicate, the Eurasian Creative Guild unites Europe and Asia, as well people from all ends of the Earth, which helps promote the projects of each of them.

OCA: Who are your favorite artists?
MP: Alexander Pushkin and Vasily Zhukovsky, Shota Rustaveli and Chingiz Aitmatov, Matsuo Basho and Musa Jalil, Alexander Ostrovsky and William Shakespeare, Mikhail Eminescu and Hans Christian Andersen, Omar Khayyam and Baltasar Gracian.

OCA: What does the Eurasian Creative Guild mean to you, and how has it influenced your creativity?
MP: The Eurasian Creative Guild gives everyone a unique chance to be themselves and be heard – anyone who wants to can join the Guild and express themselves on an international level.
I’m very delighted to be a member of the Guild and carry on being part of it.

OCA: Do you have any personal project that you would like to talk about?
MP: It’s very exhibiting and takes a lot of responsibility to participate in international contests, to express yourself and represent your country at the same time. But in order for the world to become a better place, the world must live in peace. In my opinion, it is worth introducing each other at international contests and showing your interest to your friends, but not to impose someone’s opinion, yet to give the ability to touch cultural values without making conflicts. Then the feeling of friendly warmth and happiness will not be forgotten.

Who am I? I am a curious person who is interested in what is happening around me, with others. It turns out that I’m interesting! I talk about those whom I love – about my Pushkin, about Eminescu, about Maria Biesha, about others and about myself.

OCA: What projects have you participated in and in which do you plan to participate?
MP: I took part in projects in Chisinau with great pleasure. I also take part in weekly Zoom meetings of Eurasia Creative Guild and also monitor the success of other members of the Guild.

OCA: What would you advise for people who’re just starting their journey of creativity?
MP:I want to thank the Guild that has already opened my eyes to Pushkin, to Eminescu and to Aitmatov at their events, and thank everyone who lives, who, knowing the world themselves, share their creative discoveries!