In Moldova the term Divin (distilled wine) is used to denote a local cognac made by the classical French production process (a method of double distillation of wine in Charentais pot-stills) with obligatory ageing in oak barrels. Since the term cognac is copyrighted by the French, no other nation has a legal right to call […]


Marina Podlesnaya was born in Moldova. She’s a poet, writer, museographer of the House-Museum of A.S. Pushkin in Chisinau, member of the Administrative Council of the Writers’ Union of Moldova A. S. Pushkin; board member and member of the ballroom committee of the Center for Russian Culture of the Republic of Moldova; organizer and presenter […]

Poverty, Paralysis And Persistence Create Pure Perfection

INTERVIEW: EVGENII DOGA Moldovan musician, Evgenii Doga, dismissed his life of poverty and paralysis to realise his dream of becoming a musician. His fascinating story is uncovered here. OCA: How did you become such a talented creative person in Moldova? Evgenii Doga: I liked music from my childhood, but I could not even imagine that […]