OCA Magazine: Tell us, please, about yourself and your creative activity / work

Dinara Kushbaeva: Like many others, I had an ordinary, but full of bright colours life with its ups and downs. In the routine of affairs, I did not betray much importance to the inner creative spirit. I thought to myself and wrote for myself: meaningfully, quietly, laconicly. Up to a certain point..

OCA: How did you choose your path and who is your role model in the creative space or life? 

DK: Quite by accident I read about the dream of a special boy to create a comic book “Elish” and could not pass by: all that remained was to breathe life into this creation that the WORLD would see. I made my small contribution to the implementation of the plan and supported the project. The feedback was great! Initially, the panic of writing something out loud developed into a request to Armani’s friend: “Hide me from them, please!” But it was only initially)) Therefore, special thanks to Akhmedjanov Marat Ismailovich for his personal compassion and patience! His support is like delicious food with “Why not” sauce. This is how my path of step-by-step exit from the shadows into the light was gradually illuminated…

ECG (London) is unique in its importance and scale. They were an example, a reliable support, a compass and a link of evidence that creative people should dream not only to themselves, but also out loud! It is important and necessary to share the goodness and beauty of the inner world.

OCA: What is your main achievement in 2021-2022?

DK: Inspiration. This is the main achievement that has borne fruit and inspires to this day: step by step, hastily and slowly, sometimes boldly, sometimes furtively, original, light, but internally – with a confident step!

OCA: Tell us, please, about the events of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) and projects that you have already taken part in and how does ECG influence your creativity and success in your work?

DK:  In recent years, at a time of territorial difficulties and events in the world, it was not so easy for me personally to cover the entire cycle of ongoing events of the ECG (London). Despite all the global events, the opportunity was sought to hold a series of meetings among friends, like-minded people, participants, members of the Guild, in different cities and countries. The plans include Kazakhstan, Great Britain and so on in the list.

ECG (London) opens up horizons and sometimes influences the fate of people, their versatility, forcing them to leave the zone of imaginary comfort. How powerful it is when a team works together as a whole, builds and connects bridges, interacts as one organism.

OCA: What is your motivation and the main aim of your creativity?

DK: For me, motivation is to see the horizon in everything, wherever you go. The path to the horizon is amazing, and this is motivation in action. My main aim is to see the end, not to see obstacles, to walk and not stumble! Then more than one goal is visible.

OCA: What would you wish for the members of the Guild and other creative people, just starting their career?

DK: On my own behalf, I wish you good luck and suggest not to stand aside, looking at how ECG (London) launches new international projects, but to use the opportunities provided. No need to shuffle your soles on your way just by rearranging your legs.

P.S. Everyone has a chance to “come on board” so as not to wave a wet handkerchief after the departing ship. Catch your tailwind immediately or you might not get a chance later.))