OCA Magazine: Tell us, please, about yourself and your creative activity / work

Nurlan Munbaev: I was born in the city of Guryev in 1971, on June 17. I graduated from school with a silver medal from the 67th school in Almaty in 1989 and in the same year won the republican Olympiad in political economy. In 1990 I received recognition at George Washington University and was admitted to this university without exams, but was not released from the USSR, as I belonged to dissidence. In 2013 I became the winner of the G-Global section among 10,000 mathematicians of the world for the work of the gravitational model in economics. In 2011 I received a $ 200,000 prize from the Founder of Facebook-Mark Zuckerberg-for the discovery of econometrics. In 1995 I was sent to Harvard University for an internship to build a bridge of scientific cooperation between the Academician of Sciences of Kazakhstan and the Leadership of Harvard University. In 1997 I received a recommendation from the Ufa Institute of Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences for doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge, was recommended by Professor Natalia Kutluzhanovich Bakirov, a leading cryptography specialist of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Currently I am an expert of the Astana Economic Forum on the World Economy and the Astana Club Nobel laureates», I work in the structure of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the BRAND AMBASSADOR of the Open World Foundation. Since 2016 I have been elected as a member of the New York Academy of Sciences-Professor of Econometrics. 

OCA: How did you choose your path and who is your role model in the creative space or life?

NM: The goal of any scientist to make discoveries is to bring innovations to our world that improve the life of every inhabitant of the planet, national technological progress is the engine of evolutionary development.

OCA: What is your main achievement in 2021-2022?

NM: To be an expert of the Astana Economic Forum – and become a brand ambassador of the Open World Foundation, which is engaged in research and solutions to the world economy and politics, another achievement for myself to become a brand ambassador of the international school of autism “Otishium” in the city of Nur-Sultan

OCA: Please tell us about your work experience in the International School of

Autism “Otisium”.

NM: It is a great honour for me to become a brand ambassador of the international school of autism “Otishium”. Centre Otisium Qazaqstan this two complementary destinations for children with features in development, located in Nur-Sultan city: Otisium sports program and Qadam academic program. Otisium is unique,patented.Turkish Sports and Life Education Program for people with autism spectrum disorder.In Kazakhstan, it was presented for the first time in the city of Nur-Sultan of the year under the guidance and personal supervision of the Erdal program developer Atesha.Erdal Ates- Head of Autism Council of Turkey- Representative of the third region of the World.ANCA World Autism Festival Ambassador. Teacher physical education and sports, professional football player.Founder of the OTISIUM program (training life and sport).Founder of the sports club Otisium autism life. Qadam is an academic program for children from 6 years, aimed at preparing them for inclusive education, working out and generalisation of school material under Abuova Ayman Kanatovny- psychologist, master of psychology and pedagogy inclusive education, which has a unique practical experience of working with children with ASD.

OCA: You have often mentioned and admired the achievements of the genius boy from the Othisium School. Could you please tell more about him?

NM: The boy of the genius of the 2th Dimash Kudaibergen School is called Kalauov Mukhanbetali Molbaevich. He is from Aktobe, a city on a white hill in western Kazakhstan. His interest in art manifested itself from childhood. When his mother brought him the Kazakh national instrument, the Dombra as a child, since then Mukhanbetali developed an interest in the Dombra, and from the second grade the boy genius went to the Dombra classes.  At school he sang, read poetry, danced , and during the years of transition from the sixth to the seventh grade, the voice of Mukhanbetali became similar to the voice of the world famous genius – Dimash Kudaibergenov. In the same year, he became famous opera singer. On many Instagram channels where his videos were broadcast, he was delighted with the recognition of the people and graduated from the Dombra class in the same year. Until this year he was engaged in singing. Participated in competitions and won prizes. Our little genius is from a poor family, he has no father, for this reason, as the 9th guardian of the Eurasian Creative Guild, he considered it important to hold the young genius. So, Mukhanbetali became a member of the Eurasian Guild. Mukhanbetali, became a member of this guild at the age of 15. I believe that this one of the great achievements for a genius from Aktobe ‘-Kazakhstan-and I wish Mukhanbetali great victories, as he said “The great Lev Tolstoy – Talents must be helped, but mediocrity will break through”

OCA: What is your motivation and the main aim of your work?

NM: I consider the main motivation to make discoveries and implement them in life, so that know-how makes our life a little better. My goal is for scientific discoveries in econometrics, mathematical economics, political economy to receive worldwide recognition – this is important like any scientist.