The Interactive Map as a visual documentary database of collective memory about Sharaf Rashidov and how it helps in the educational process.   

November 6th, 2022 is the day of the 105th anniversary of the birth of an outstanding statesman, politician and diplomat, poet and writer, who led Uzbekistan in a difficult period, Sharaf Rashidovich Rashidov.

The period of his leadership is considered one of the best in the history of Uzbekistan. He was one of the highly educated intellectuals of the Soviet era, a man who could be called a sign of his time.  The phenomenon of Sharaf Rashidov as a talented statesman has yet to be studied.

During his leadership, new industries were created, such as space, chemical, gas, uranium and electronics. The first microelectronics enterprises emerged. 70% of the world’s unique radio telescope RT-70 was built as a result. During this period, about 100 research institutes operated in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan, under his leadership, has made a huge leap in the development of the economy, science, social sphere and culture. He was the initiator of the organization of the International Conference of Solidarity of Writers of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Sharaf Rashidov opened Uzbekistan to the world, its ancient history, rich spiritual treasures of great enlighteners and scientists, places of pilgrimage. Everything he had done was a solid foundation for an independent Uzbekistan.

In connection with the anniversary celebration, the Sharaf Rashidov Foundation initiated a number of projects, including the project “Interactive Map” – as a visual documentary database of the collective memory of Sharaf Rashidov and his activities, which was developed together with a Russian company “Creative Team”.

The Foundation’s goal was to show the work of Sharaf Rashidov as an outstanding statesman, politician and diplomat who led the country during the Soviet period from 1950 to 1983. Sharaf Rashidov was one of the highly educated and intelligent leaders of the Soviet era. Even today, it is difficult to imagine the scope and results of its activities – during this period 9 cities were created from scratch, 37 districts were originated, 3 regions (oblast) and 77 villages were granted the status of city. The Foundation has collected all data from the family’s public, private and personal archives to examine the real scope of its activities. This are a unique footage of film chronicles, photographs, interviews with eyewitnesses of the development of new lands. The project differs from the existing historical electronic databases in that it is an interactive form with historical information on a graphical basis. The platform is a kind of reference. It presents data on that era and activities of Sharaf Rashidov from the 1950s to the 1980s, and the map-scheme shows administrative boundaries – cities, regions, villages, and economy. The project is a good visual aid for studying the new history of Uzbekistan for the younger generation.

July 29, 2022 in Samarkand State University named after Sh. Rashidova the presentation of the Interactive Map was held. It was donated to the University for the further use  in their educational process. In the future, the Fund plans to increase the functionality of the project and to provide the public access to it.

Author and Project Manager: Muminov Iskandar Talibovich, a chartered geographer, graduated from the Tashkent State University, specializing in Geography.  Author and co-author of more than 45 scientific publications.  He worked in the Research Institute of Space Instrumentation, National University of Uzbekistan.