The qualification of the teaching community 

The responsible work to strengthen the independence of Kazakhstan and to develop high spirituality and citizenship in the country is through education. The problem of organizing such a large-scale work is first of all closely related to the comprehensive retraining of teachers. The experience until today shows that the goal can be achieved only if the improvement of their qualifications is carried out in a controlled manner. Currently, all the necessary conditions are being created to improve the profession of the national intelligentsia, which will shape the new face of the society, and to awaken the sense of humanity.

Educating the young generation to spiritual morality, creating new educational content that contributes to the formation of their world-class, worldview, mastery of the basics of knowledge and skills is an urgent problem in the general education system.

Today, teachers are given the opportunity to selectively use new technologies and freely use the results of their own methodological creative research. Today, teachers contribute to the enrichment of educational content by turning advanced technology into an excellent experience.

Raising the qualification of the teaching community to such a level and improving their knowledge is directly related to the institute of professional development.

Systematic improvement of the professional skills of teachers, thus opening the way for comprehensive creative search, pointing the direction, creating conditions required the original entrepreneurial spirit of the institute team.

This process was the main goal of the work plan of the “Institute of Professional Development in Atyrau region” branch of “Orleu” BAU” JSC, which has left its 70-year history behind today.

The Systematic work organized by the institute is showing its results. The implementation of creative works aimed at satisfying the needs of life and human needs in the education system of our region and the best experience had a great impact on creating positive changes. Because the successes we are proud of in the field of general education are primarily due to the hard work of our teachers, who devoted all their energy and knowledge to the interests of the people and the education of the young generation. At the same time, the implementation of the planned work of the institute, which directly contributes to the dissemination of their experience and further their strengths.

In addition to the organization of various professional development courses, methodological consulting services and methodological support of teachers were not included in the agenda.

According to the order No. 56 of the Atyrau Regional Board of Education dated February 14, 2002, the Regional Institute for Improving the Education of Teachers in accordance with the needs of the times is called the Atyrau Regional Institute for Improving the Qualification and Retraining of Personnel. This period made the issue of support in the system of improving the qualifications of school teachers more central.

Of course, time does not stand still. News, changes in the years after the country’s independence, during the period when the country entered the world-class education system, the requirements for the employees of the industry, the system of actions to be performed and the system of actions were changed and renewed.

However, it is also true that regardless of the changes, the activity of the institute was a strong foundation in the methodical provision of the continuously developing general secondary education system. Learning from the past, and at the beginning of the new period, the search, education and qualification of teachers on the way to the country’s world-class status is the most important issue.

Adapting the educational work in educational organizations to a new content, clarifying the goal of education in the form of expected results, technologicalization, information, creating and improving the content of the scientific and methodological complex in accordance with the chosen direction and forming the innovative orientation of the team. If there are urgent issues, the work of the institute is directed towards these goals.

Guided by the changes and requirements in the system of education and training, joint and cooperative work with the teachers of the region is being systematically carried out according to the plan.

Today’s requirement is to improve the work of teachers in the field of professional innovation and methodical direction, to improve their qualifications in accordance with changes in life, to form a professional personality, to contribute to the improvement of the quality of work carried out outside the classroom, and to increase the activity of pedagogical social activities.

The methodical work of the institute is based on the achievements of science and pedagogical excellence and the state of improvement that is suitable for the specific time requirements of educational work. A system of interrelated actions and measures aimed at comprehensively improving the qualifications and professional skills of each teacher. The regularly implemented measures are aimed at developing the educational potential of regional teachers and increasing their qualifications, improving their scientific creativity.

In cooperation with the institute team, large-scale work will be carried out in the direction of increasing the level of competitiveness, forming professionals suitable for a changing society, analyzing and collecting information on domestic and foreign experience in the organization of educational methodological support in the system of professional development.

by  professor Munbaev N.S. and director of the Atyrau Branch of JSC “Orleu” – Nurtleouva J.A