On March 27, 2017, the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev initiated the celebration of the 100th birth anniversary of the outstanding Uzbek statesman, writer and poet Sharaf Rashidov, and on January 13, 2022, he signed a decree on naming Samarkand State University after Sharaf Rashidov.

Sharaf Rashidov International Public Fund (“Fund”) was re-established in early 2020. The Fund’s founders are Sharaf Rashidov’s children. The Fund is an NGO and operates on the territory of Uzbekistan and foreign countries.

The main goal of the Fund is to study the life and work, as well as to preserve the rich heritage of Sharaf Rashidov (1917-1983). The period of his leadership (1950-1983) is considered one of the best pages in the history of Uzbekistan. His huge contribution to the development of the country’s economy, national literature, culture, science, education, to the upbringing of the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism and a sense of responsibility for their homeland was the foundation of the prosperity of Uzbekistan.

The Fund carries out research and educational activities, organizes and conducts conferences, seminars, exhibitions, presentations, as well as publishes and distributes books by Sharaf Rashidov along with other printed material. The Fund conducts research work in the archives of Uzbekistan and plans to establish links with the foreign archives. The Fund supervises the work of the House-Museum of Sharaf Rashidov in Jizzakh.
The Fund has initiated the following activities:
In June 2021, the Fund hosted the conference “Sharaf Rashidov – the Man of the Epoch” in Jizzakh and Tashkent. The reports of Uzbek and foreign scientists comprehensively reviewed the legacy of Sharaf Rashidov, as well as events and phenomena related to his state and public activities through modern lens.

In March 2022, the Fund and the Uzbek company “Smart Chain” (innovative digital technologies) held the presentation of jointly developed educational content for schools using QR codes at school No. 10 named after Sharaf Rashidov in Jizzakh. The theme of the presented content was devoted to the life and work of Sharaf Rashidov. The use of QR codes makes it possible to present the subject to schoolchildren quite clearly and much more informatively than the traditional method. The QR code method is being introduced into the educational process in Uzbekistan for the first time.

In July 2022, the Fund with the participation of historians from the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, university professors and teachers held in Tashkent the presentation of the Interactive Map as a database of collective memory of Sharaf Rashidov’ activities from 1950 to 1983. The Interactive Map is based upon reliable archive data, documents, film, photo, audio materials collected by the Fund’s employees. It reveals in detail the evolution of the administrative-territorial division of Uzbekistan over the specified period, milestones in the development of agriculture, industry, power generation, science, education, culture, art, and foreign policy activities. The Fund also presented the Interactive Map to scientists, faculty, students and labor veterans at Samarkand State University.

In November 2022, a photo exhibition “Sharaf Rashidov – Politician and Diplomat” was held at the House of Photography in Tashkent, timed to coincide with the 105th anniversary of his birth. The event dedicated to the foreign policy activities of Sharaf Rashidov included 82 rare photographs taken during official visits. During the photo exhibition, the Fund presented the 3D Museum of Sharaf Rashidov – the first of its kind in Uzbekistan. It includes rare pages of his life, which are unknown to the public.

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