The Kazakh National Agrarian Research University as a research university, has achieved success and recognition at the national level and aims to be recognized by the international scientific and educational community.

The university cooperates with 137 leading universities and scientific centers of the world and is a member of 16 international associations and organizations for higher education and science, including GCHERA.

An international hub of knowledge has been created: academic mobility is developing, training in Kazakh, Russian and English has been introduced, international summer and winter schools are held in 14 directions.

By actively cooperating with prestigious universities from the USA, Europe, and the countries of the Pacific region, the university has formed 11 double degree programs.

In its innovative development, the university is guided by the experience of the Wageningen Research University (WUR, Netherlands), which is the number 1 university in the QS world ranking for agricultural specialties.

An institute for collaboration with the Wageningen University was opened at KazNARU. An agreement was signed with the University of Wageningen on the exclusive partnership on training specialists in the educational programs: “Veterinary food safety and technology” and “Plant science and technology”.

Any university, if it wants to be competitive in the labor market, must work ahead of the curve, create innovation centers and laboratories that allow for high-quality training of specialists, conduct scientific research and introduce their results into production.

KazNARU has created all the conditions for the training of competitive specialists. The International Agrotechnological Hub operates, which includes: 7 research institutes, 8 innovation centers, 49 research laboratories, 18 international research centers over the past 5 years, 6 research laboratories and 2 innovation centers are replenished.

A research laboratory for micro clonal reproduction has been opened, where up to 3 million samples will be obtained, including healthy seedlings resistant to bacterial burns and other diseases.

The Intensive Garden Research Center was established with Dutch Fruit Solutions, a Dutch company. The yield of fruit and berry crops is 4-5 times higher than that of local ones.

The reference research laboratory analyzes the quality of milk and dairy products, where rural entrepreneurs can receive a certificate of the quality of their products.

The Kazakh-Korean Research Center conducts trainings for managers and specialists involved in growing crops in greenhouses. A smart greenhouse is under construction. Investments were attracted from the fund of the Republic of Korea.

The Kazakh-Belarusian center of the university is equipped with modern agricultural equipment in the amount of 75 units, which makes it possible to carry out all agrotechnological processes for growing crops and caring for animals on time.

A demonstration site of innovative Valley-type sprinklers and other types of irrigation equipment is being created at the Kazakhstan-American Smart Water Center in cooperation with the American company Valmont Industries.

Together with the Austrian company “APC”, the project “Innovative scientific and educational center for animal husbandry with a pedigree dairy” Smart-farm “and others is being implemented.

This work at the university is put on a systematic basis, since only a developed infrastructure allows for high-quality training and retraining of specialists, conduct scientific research and introduce their results into production. The next step is the creation of a world-class research university.

1. Legal Name – Kazakh National Agrarian Research University 

2. Trade Name – KazNARU 

3. Year of foundation – 1929 

4. Number of students (foreign students) – 7525 (71 foreign students)

5. Number of teachers – 838 

6. Number of faculties and their names –

1) Agrobiology 

2) Bioresources and Technology

3) Veterinary Science

4) Water, land and forest resources

5) High school of «Business and Law»

6) IT – technology, automation and mechanization of agro-industrial complex 

7. Language of education – Kazakh, Russian, English 

8. business schools and other training/affiliates – Foundation Courses 

9. Participation in international rankings – QS – Quacquarelli Simonds, Green Metric World University Rankings 

10. Full name of the rector – Tlektes Yespolov 

11. achievements of the University QS Ranking #551

12. Address, Contacts, email, website:

Web site 

Kazakh National Agrarian Research University

8 Abai avenue, Medeu district, Almaty, 050010, Republic of Kazakhstan

Rectors reception room: +7(727) 264 24 09, +7(727) 262 19 48

Admission committee: +7(727) 264 06 13, +7(727) 264 08 54

Chancery (Fax): +7(727) 262 11 08